Event & Room Booking

"Room Booking" in this case constitutes hire of the room only and the following Terms and Conditions relate to this temporary room hire, as organised by the University of Wolverhampton Student’s Union (UWSU);


  1. Arrange their own setting up/ taking down of furniture and/or decoration as required for the time of their booking and by the end of their allotted time (factoring time in to allow for this at booking)

  2. Make their own arrangements with University Security in advance, should they wish the event to run later than the "usual" 10pm building closure time.

  3. Arrange their own technical support if using Audio Visual equipment (either existing in situ, or their own)

  4. Leave the room clean and tidy and as they found it – including the disposal of all litter and/or waste - failing which the hirer may be charged for putting the premises back in good order and/or repair and may be prevented from making any further room bookings.

  5. Be responsible for providing their own Risk Assessment and ensuring room capacities (available on request) are not exceeded and that all aspects of the RA are adhered to.

  6. Ensure that a Freedom of Speech (FoS) form is completed and submitted where inviting external speakers to attend (Nb FoS Applications can take up to 10 working days to be processed and external speakers will not be permitted to speak at any event a FoS form has  been approved)

  7. Ensure emergency exists, signage and equipment are not blocked, tampered with or otherwise prevented from working and be responsible for ensuring that all attendees at an event are aware of health and safety matters (emergency exit routes etc.)

  8. Ensure that no cooking of food shall take place on the premises, but where food is provided for consumption (not a private meeting), to be aware of all ingredients and be able to provide advice relating to allergies, displaying this information where possible.

  9. Not undertake any licensable acts under the Licensing Act 2003 without prior written consent of the licensee (CEO), authorising the supply/selling of alcohol.

  10. Not use the space for selling or trading of any goods or services without prior written permission and not to carry out any activity of illegal or prohibited nature.     


  1. Give priority to Societies and internal SU bookings.

  2. Confirm the booking with the person named on the Booking Form, usually within 5 working days.

  3. Enable access to AV equipment and/or cellar, where requested, prior to the start of the booking.

Room Booking Form


(If Yes, please list all additional dates required in the Detail box below)

(If Yes, please note that external speakers will not be permitted to speak at any event unless a FoS form has not been approved in advance)

(If Yes, access to the equipment will be provided prior to the start of your booking)

(If Yes, access to the cellar will be enabled prior to the start of your booking)

Terms & Conditions
I have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions above and I understand that UWSU reserves the right to cancel the booking at any point if the Terms & Conditions are not adhered to.
Booking requests can take up to 5 working days to be processed, with person named on the booking form being contacted in due course.
Please only follow up on this booking once this time has elapsed.