University of Wolverhampton Students' Union Elections


Upcoming Sabbatical Election dates:

  • Stand: 4-8 Mar 2019
  • Train: 11-15 Mar 2019
  • Vote: 18-22 Mar 2019
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Current Elections

If you are unable to login and vote please email

When standing for election, you need to tell other students why they should vote for you. This is your manifesto.

Your manifesto is where you talk about what you will promise to do if elected. You should be realistic when choosing your promises because these are things students will expect you to deliver once in post. We recommend you structure your manifesto to include an introduction about you, at least three promises, and a conclusion stating why students should vote for you. Keep it short, because you'll have a word limit.

Depending on your election, you'll also be asked for a slogan. This will be on the ballot next to your name and photograph. Your slogan should be simple and easy to remember, so that when you talk to students they can remember you.

If you have any questions about creating a manifesto email or pop to see your Change team at SU City.


  • Union President
  • Vice President Academic
  • Vice President Wellbeing & Community
  • Vice President Activities & Liberation
  • Union Chair
  • Shadow Councillor (5 posts)


To ensure elections are run in a fair and respectful way, we have a Code of Conduct for elections.

We have three simple rules regulating election conduct:

  • Behave and engage in ways in which you would value others to behave and engage with you
  • Respect, and do not demean, other students and staff
  • Only do things another student at the University of Wolverhampton would be able to do

You are also required to abide by the policies and regulations of the University, in particular, their IT Acceptable Use Policy.

Please also consider our Safe Space Guidance when planning your election campaign.

Results are not final until announced on @WolvesChange.

Any complaints regarding a candidate in an election should be raised formally, in writing, by emailing

Only students at the University of Wolverhampton can raise a complaint about a candidate. Anonymous complaints will not be accepted. Complaints after results have been announced will not be accepted.

The Community Officer (for 2018/19), or Union Chair (after Oct 2018) if the Community Officer is standing in the election (or an alternative Officer if both are standing), will be sent an anonymised copy of the complaint, and asked whether they consider the complaint to be valid; and when appropriate, given options regarding what action should be taken.

The Democratic Procedures Advisor, as the interim Deputy Returning Officer, will be operationally responsible for any decision.