Faculty Student Services


Your Faculty Student Services will be your first point of call and we have provided some details on how to contact them and what help they can provide as below.

What Faculty Student Services offer:

  • Assignment hand-in

  • Access to local student advisors

  • SAMS appointment queries and bookings

  • International student engagement and monthly check-ins

  • Course management and Faculty-based enquiries

  • Module registration

  • DBS advice

  • Occupational Health referrals

  • Change of circumstances requests

  • Signposting for student support, advice and referrals

What Faculty Student Advisors offer:

  • Enrolment

  • Course/Timetable queries

  • How to apply for an extension/extenuating circumstances

  • How to access academic support

  • Financial queries

  • Employment opportunities

Faculty of Arts, Business, Social Sciences – 01902 321789 or raise helpdesk enquiry

Faculty of Science & Engineering – 01902 322129 (City) 01902 323860 (Telford) or raise helpdesk enquiry

Faculty Education, Health & Wellbeing – 01902 518800 or raise helpdesk enquiry