Union Chair

Role Overview

Union Chair is the chair of Union Council, the body that holds elected officers to account. Union Chair also hears democratic complaints, and has a role in ensuring the Union's Code of Conduct is upheld.

They scrutinise the work of the Sabbatical Officers, and help students engage effectively with democracy.

Support and Time Commitment

Union Supporters

President and UWSU Democracy team (staff support)

Time Commitment

  • Union Council: 2 hours every 3 weeks
  • Democratic Procedures: 2 hours per semester, outside an election. Up to 4-5 hours a week during an election
  • All other duties, including student contact: 1-2 hours a week

Term of Office

  • 12 months, commencing July (if elected in Spring)
  • 12 months, commencing October (if elected in Autumn)
  • Includes handover period after Convention Council

All roles on Union Council conclude during Convention Council, which is held at the end of the democratic year in May. Councillors may hold one vote on Union Council but can pass that vote by proxy to another Councillor or Officer.

Qualification for Role

You must be a current and continuing student at the University of Wolverhampton when elected, and a member of the Students' Union. You must be available for the time commitments listed above, especially for Union Council meetings and during the Sabbatical Elections.

A minimum of 10 students need to vote for candidacy.


The key responsibilities and duties that the Union Chair undertakes are:

  1. To Chair members' meetings of the Students' Union; including Union Council.
  2. To be available for consultation on democratic complaints
  3. To talk to students face-to-face, and online, and share their concerns and issues raised.
  4. To talk to the Sabbatical Officers, Union, and University staff.
  5. To promote and bring about change based on their manifesto promises.
  6. To be professional in fulfilling their elected role and duties, abiding by the Code of Conduct.