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Support for Students who are Estranged

Some of your student support is means tested on your parent's income. Students that are estranged face barriers due to not having the support (financial and/or otherwise) of their families as well as in some cases not receiving the means tested element of their student finance.

Student Finance England require you to complete an estrangement form to confirm that you’re irreconcilably estranged from your parent(s). These forms are available here

UCAS also provides some useful information and advice for young people considering University, when they don’t have support from a family network, here


Students who are estranged from their family may struggle with retention and particularly suffer over the summer period when most traditional students can 'go home'. The University of Wolverhampton has pledged to support these students in the following ways, through the Stand Alone Pledge:

Stand Alone Pledge


Access to a dedicated bursary for the duration of the course. Access to financial advice through University student services.


A guaranteed offer of University-allocated accommodation (52 week accommodation is available)

Mental Health

Access to a student mentor and online mentoring support. Access to all University student support services, including counselling.


A named point of contact within the University for advice and support. Communicate the support available for estranged students in outreach work in schools and colleges.

You can view a copy of the University's full Stand Alone Pledge letter here

Last reviewed: May 2022



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