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Our Freshers Fair offers YOUR business the opportunity to come onto the campuses and directly engage, face-to-face with our students. It is the foremost major event incorporated into our Welcome to Wolves period, which sees around 6,000 students visiting our Fairs; both new starters and returning students.

The University of Wolverhampton has a very diverse student population with a variety of needs and interests; from home to international, mature and part-time, residential and commuting, there will be a market for you.


The dates for this year’s Freshers Fairs are:
City Campus Freshers Fair 2017 – Friday 29th September
Walsall Campus Freshers Fair 2017 – Wednesday 27th September­

Cost breakdown of stalls:

-          Standard (180cm x 72cm):             £350 +VAT

-          Economy (72cm x 72cm):              £200 +VAT *SOLD OUT*

-          Electricity:                                     £50 + VAT



Please email Jessica Guy at for all enquiries.