About the Wolves Union team

About Your SU

What can your SU do for you?

Our vision at The University of Wolverhampton Students’ Union is to make your experience at University the best it can be. As an independent charity we put students at the heart of everything that we do. Wolves SU offers an inclusive range of services and activities to enhance your student life.

We offer Help and Advice, from an AQS accredited Advice and Representation Centre and a Well at Wolves health and well-being service. We help you Have Your Say at University through our Academic Representation and democratic Elections. We give you Things to do outside of your studies, like joining one of our many Societies, taking part in opportunities, seeing What’s On and attending events hosted by Wolves SU or in the local area.

Wolves SU is predominately based at Wolverhampton (City Campus) where you can access all of our above services; and at Walsall Campus where in addition we have the SU Bar & Café. If you are a student at Telford Campus or Off-Campus you can still enjoy many of our activities and services online or by travelling to City or Walsall via the free WLV inter-site campus bus.

Our Mission

Working with students and stakeholders to ensure the Student Voice is heard and the Student Experience is enhanced, leading to Student Success

Our Vision

University of Wolverhampton Students' Union - Student Experience at its best!

Core Aims

•  To enhance the Student Voice across the University

•  To maximise the Student Experience for all

•  To promote and support Student Success

Our Values

Be Fair - By being inclusive and offering opportunities for our all students to grow.

Be Responsible - We understand the impact of our actions and actively seek ways to eliminate negative consequences.

Be Honest - We are there to listen and support, but like a true friend tell students what they need to know and be honest by giving the right information.

Be Respectful - Our approach is to listen, to connect and welcome all individuals into our community.

Be Compassionate - We are passionate about our students and we will support them throughout their time at University.

Be Ambitious - We are innovative and visionary; we want to push the boundaries of what is possible. We are not afraid to try and we are not afraid to fail.

Bitesize Impact Report 2019/20 (Click to enlarge)

infographic of statistics and information regarding the Students Union 2019-2020