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Withdrawing from your course

The University will do everything it can to ensure that students complete their course. Before considering withdrawing from University you should talk to your personal tutor. Have you considered Extenuating Circumstances or a Leave of Absence instead?

Before you do anything else, it is vital to consult with Student Finance England, as withdrawing is likely to have implications for any future student funding you may require. Student Finance England normally only fund students for the length of their first course plus one year extra (3 years + 1 for Full-Time undergraduate honours students).

For example, if you wanted to return to study at some point in the future, you would be subject to the previous study rules when it comes to obtaining student finance.

If you started back on the same course exactly where you left off, you shouldn't have a problem in securing funding. But if the gap between you withdrawing and returning to university is years, you will probably find that the course has changed and you need to start from the beginning.

Also, you may come back to a different course and start at the beginning. In these cases Student Finance England will take into account any funding you have had in the past. This could mean that you have to self-finance some years of study if you return having previously withdrawn from a course. 

If you do decide to withdraw, you will need to complete the withdrawal process via E:vision, giving details of your reasons for leaving (this will remain confidential). Your course leader and Student Finance England will automatically be notified.

Last reviewed: May 2022

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