UoW v Derbyshire Arrows U23 Men's Basketball National League
15th December 5pm - 7pm
Walsall Campus, WS1 3TA
Day Eleven - Christmas Cracker Jokes
16th December 9am - 9pm
Work Party
16th December 9am - 1pm
West Park, Wolverhampton
Day Twelve - Best Christmas Scene or Decorated Halls Photo
17th December 9am - 18th December noon
Joy to the Hand
18th December 7pm - 8:30pm
MN110, Arthur Storer Building
UoW v Warwickshire Hawks Men's Basketball National League
12th January 4pm - 7pm
Walsall Campus, WS1 3TA
Embrace sexual health and contraception advice
13th January 10:30am - 4pm
MD071, Students' Union, City Campus
Exam De-Stress: Animal Man
14th January 11am - 3pm
City Students' Union
NHS Healthy Minds drop in
15th January 11am - 2pm
Harrison Library
Exam De-Stress: Animal Man
16th January 11am - 3pm
Walsall Students' Union
Weekly Quiz
21st January 8pm - 10:30pm
SU Bar and Cafe, Walsall Campus
Victim Support Hate Crime Service
22nd January 11am - 2pm
Harrison Library