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Welcome to Student Voice

Wolves SU is your Students's led by elected Student Officers to deliver the very best in support, representation and student experience. We're a charity, meaning everything Wolves SU does is not for profit and for the benefit of all of its students.


What We Do

Student Voice at Wolves SU is dedicated to ensuring that every student's voice is heard by the university and can influence improvements to their student experience. This includes addressing academic concerns such as early assessment deadlines and broader issues such as racial discrimination. Through campaigns, democratic processes, and representation efforts, we empower students to enact positive changes. Our Student Voice Representatives program ensures that each course has a representative to advocate for academic improvements, while our Elected Officers engage in all-student meetings to address broader student concerns.

We lead student-led campaigns on topics such as sustainability and celebrations like LGBT+ History Month, aiming to raise awareness and foster a more inclusive community at Wolves SU.





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