The Student Voice

Student Voice


Student representation should take place at every level of the University’s structure. To understand who represents students at these different levels you can refer to the table shown below. The left-hand list shows the University’s committee structure and the right-hand list shows which representatives attend these committees to communicate the views and needs of students. Ideally, problems should be resolved at course level, but if this is not successful then issues can be passed onto the next student representative up the chain.

For example, an issue that is not resolved at subject level could be passed from a Course Rep on to the Faculty Rep, then to the Academic Vice-President. If you are not sure how to deal with an issue that has come to your attention feel free to contact the Academic Vice-President for advice ( For a picture of the Structure of the Student Voice please click here.

University Committees Student Representation
Board of Governors  President/One other student rep
Academic Board President/Academic VP/Welfare VP
Student Experience Committee President/Student Experience VP/Welfare VP
Faculty Student Experience Committee Faculty Rep
Faculty Councils/Forums Faculty Reps/Course Reps
Course Committees/Student Staff Liaison Course Reps