The Student Voice

Student Voice

The System

This is at each level of which we represent your voice to the University...

Your Voice Starts Here

Course Committees

Attended by Course Reps

Faculty Councils

Chaired by Faculty Rep, attended by Course Reps

Faculty Board

Attended by Officer and Faculty Reps

Faculty Academic Enhancement Committee (FAEC)

Attended by Officer and Faculty Reps

University Academic Enhancement Committee (UAEC)

Attended by Officers and SU Staff

All The Way To Here!

Academic Board

Attended by Officers

Course Reps - Your first point of contact, they are elected at the start of the year from your course cohort and represent your views.

Faculty Reps - They represent your issues by attending meetings with senior Faculty staff.

Part-time Officers - The elected representatives that look after the student views under their remit.

Full-time Officers - Find out more here

Democratic Structure

This is where your student voice influences the direction of the Union.

The Students' Union's Democratic Structure - Executive Committee reports to the Union Council