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Academic Complaints

A complaint, under this University's system, is defined as "the expression of concern or dissatisfaction with a service provided by the University, the provision of a course or related academic service."

The University will always take a complaint seriously. However, many complaints can be resolved more quickly and informally between the parties concerned, so we strongly recommend you raise your concerns as soon as a problem arises as dealing with a problem early may prevent it from getting bigger and more difficult to resolve. We would suggest you discuss the nature of your complaint with the Students' Union Advice Centre in the first instance. 

Firstly, we can establish if it is a definitely a complaint you are looking at - separate procedures exist for Appeals relating to assessments, decisions of a Disciplinary Hearing and Fitness to Practice Hearing. If you are unsure, we will be able to give you advice on where to direct your issue.

For example, if this is an issue with your course, this might mean referring you through to your Course Rep, or if it is an issue with administration, Student Support or Facilities, you may need to contact the ASK@WLV to raise your issue so they can look into the matter and try to resolve it informally.

If it is not possible to resolve your complaint informally, we can advise you on the formal Complaints Procedure which will involve completing a Complaint Form in which you will also be given the opportunity to state how you attempted to resolve your complaint informally.

We can discuss with you the evidence you will need to support your complaint and also give you advice and guidance on what you may ask for as a reasonable outcome.

You do not have an unlimited amount of time to make a complaint. Complaints lodged by current students more than three months after the event, will only be considered where there is a reasonable (and evidenced) cause for the delay.

Last reviewed: 10th May 2022


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