Biomedical Society

Welcome to the Society of Biomedical Science (BioMed)

Our committee consists of enthusiastic BioMedical Science students who are responsible for running the society and organising events.

To begin with, most of the events we organise will be around revision sessions and social meetings to bring our people together, meet new faces and ensure everyone’s feels included.


The society is here to bring together the community and to provide a variety of events including:

- Seminars/Teaching opportunities (Self-Taught group ideas).

- Volunteering opportunities.

- Revision sessions and tips.

- Social events to meet others.

- Collective sport sessions (Football, Basketball, Netball and more).

- Keep you updated of opportunities that are sent to us.

Many more events will be organised in the future, if you have any ideas feel free to contact us.


Our aim is to give all students of Biomedical science the best experience:
- support each other in your studies
- guide you in your revision/tips from older students who have previously studied your modules

Ultimately we want you to really get involved in university life and feel a sense of belonging.


The Society of Biomedical Science is run by students, for Life Sciences and Healthcare students of all years. Any feedback, ideas or criticism is welcomed to help us ensure the best community environment.

We will always try our best to adapt to what is said. (All ideas/criticisms are welcome so let us know).