Where is God in Suffering?
29th September 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Many of you may have disbelieved there is an almighty and loving God because He can see suffering on this world, and allows it. However, this talk by guest speaker, Matthew Lavelle, can hopefully open up your eyes and give new light to the matter!
F**k The System: Why You Should be a Socialist
30th September 5pm - 7pm
St. Peter's Cafe. 4 Exchange Street, WV1 1TS
We're back! Come to our inaugural society event for a hearty discussion on socialist politics and how we can change the world so it is a better place for everyone!
1st October 5pm - 7pm
Oasis of Love International Centre, 78a, Walsall Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 3LP
INTERNATIONAL WORSHIP EXPERIENCE Join us for an explosive time of: 1. Intense Praise & Worship 2. Networking 5. Prayer 6. Free meals and BBQ