Societies are a great way for you to make the most of your spare time while at university. They are run by students, for students and hold meetings, day trips, activities and social events for you to get involved with. Societies are a great way for you to meet people who share the same interests or to try something new. Currently we have societies based around hobbies, religions, faiths, sports, causes and politics.

Current societies are available for you to join or if you can't find what you are looking for you can always set up one of your own. Students' Union societies are supported by the Societies Supported Coordinator who can help you with: room bookings, website pages, event planning, fundraising, access to Students' Union facilities and participation in the comprehensive training programme offered to society committees and members.

Nominate for the Society of the Month

Has your society done something amazing this month? If so nominate yourselves for the Society of the Month award.

The deadline for submissions is the last Monday of the month and winners will be announced on the first Monday of each month.

The winning entry will be awarded Society of the Month and will receive increased publicity and a news story on the SU site. Good luck!