WLV Art & Design Society

Hello, and thanks for stopping by!!

The WLV Art & Design Society is a BRAND NEW society for the academic year 2021-2022. Why not sign up and be a founding member of the universities first SU society for creatives?!

We are a bunch of students who were crying out for a group to bring like-minded arty people together in one place. You might study at the School of Art & Design - you might not - it doesn't matter to us. If you have a creative soul that's dying to geek out over all things Art & Design, then look no further - we are your society!!

We've done our homework, and asked our current founding members what they want, and as such, we are planning a whole load of exiciting things for this coming academic year. Just some of the activities we have planned include, museum and gallery visits, city trips, specialist workshops (such as graffiti experience), talks from professionals in the industry, opportunities to get involved with big events in the West Midlands, and of course social mixers where we can just meet up for a chat and a sketch over a few drinks and some nibbles.

Below is a more formal explanation of our society's goals and objectives for the year.

Our Society's Goals:

  • To create a community for all students with a passion for the visual arts and design.
  • To enhance the wellbeing of students in this community through social events and new experiences.
  • To provide the students in this community with a taste of the art and design world outside of the university.

This academic year, we aim to:

  • Create a safe space for all members to relax, socialise, and have a general wind-down together with comrades-in-arms.
  • Arrange regular field trips to compliment the studies and work of those in this community.
  • Create a pathway to local, professional art groups, whilst promoting the members of the society.
  • Provide access to invaluable industry experts who can help students develop their practice.
  • Create and promote an online exhibition of work created independently of the university.


So go on... what are you waiting for? Click on that little green button labelled 'add to basket' - you'll then become a founding member and receive updates from the society committee members.

We hope to see you soon :)

Your Committee Members

Charlotte Webb - Chair / President        Thomas - Vice President        Charlotte Roylance - Secretary        Reuben Wilde - Treasurer