Treasure House Society

Welcome to the Treasure House Society page. Membership is free and open to all students. We are here to serve. Our meetings are filled with the Love, Presence and Power of Jesus! We believe there is a TREASURE in you and aim to support you unlock that treasure! 

We run empowerment meetings such as RELATIONSHIP EVENTS, CHRISTIAN ENTERPREUSHIP SUMMITS, GIFTS AND TALENTS SHOWS, REVIVAL MEETINGS, BIBLE STUDENTS & ENGAGE IN CHRISTIAN DISCIPLISHIP.                                                                                    

Our objectives include :

1. Helping to meet the faith-based and spiritual needs of students through Bible Studies, Prayers and Worship meetings.          

2. Creating a platform for social interaction, networking and integration among students from various backgrounds.  

3. Supporting the students to bring out the treasures in them through Gifts and Talents participatory events. 

4. Running regular relationship events. 

5.Promoting the Christian values of love and altruism as some of the key ways of making the world a better place.

6. Motivating students towards self-efficacy and resilience in their academic pursuit.   

7. Promoting charitable causes within the university.                           

8. Giving the students the opportunity to relax, reduce stress and rejuvenate.