Doctoral Researchers Society

It is the objective of our society to create a communal feeling among our members. As a doctoral journey can often be a lonely path it is the aim of our society to create an environment where thoughts are shared and struggles are heard. We believe that the more we socialise the more fun and easier our doctoral journey can become as we can support, motivate and inspire one another. We have agreed to arrange a meeting for all students in the society once a month, taking it in turns across the different campuses.

Our society has now updated its committee members. Their assigned responsibilities are the following: 


President: Kiriakos Iliou is responsible for the social media management of our society along with its internal/external communications.



Twitter: @KrisGreek


Vice President: James Reeves will be organising informal meetings and social events.


Twitter: @veganphdstudent


Secretary: Dee Scott has been assigned administrative responsibilities ensuring all students are aware of events/meetings coming up via Canvas and MS Teams and what’s app.



Treasurer: Daren Shea will be organising our on-campus events along with our 10-minute research presentations. Daren will also be responsible for any funding we might raise that might come from sponsorships, donations or activities. 



Our society's email which all committee members have access to is the following: 

Please also follow us on:


Twitter: @WlvDoctorals

We have also created a Whatsup group, which you could join and participate in our chat. Just send us your phone number on one of the above and we'll add you in.