Labour Society

Welcome to the Labour Society at the University of Wolverhampton!

Whether you are a keen supporter looking to get involved in the Labour Party at the University or someone who has knowledge who can pass on their experience, the Labour Society at the University of Wolverhampton welcomes you.


The Society has 3 aims which are:

1) To create and enforce an ethical community within the university and also locally within our communities, whether you're at Wolverhampton campus, Walsall, Telford and Burton.

2) To encourage students to engage in politics and create policies that shape and impact the lives of the many.

3) To raise awareness of the Labour Party on a national and local level as well as its aims.


Join the Labour society today to make a change and be part of a community.

Look forward to seeing you at one of our meetings and events soon and don't hesitate to make contact in the meantime.