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§White hat hacking, is hacking ethically, similar to penetration testing.
§People can hack into systems to check how secure they are and to check if there are any bugs or security issues. There are legal reasons to hack.
§We will be learning as a team how hackers can run circles around systems, how they solve problems and negate security. We will have hacking competitions, hackathons and eventually a leader board to find the best hacker.
§By doing this we can increase our own knowledge and build our cyber security skills.
§There is a massive shortage of cyber security specialists, everyone here is on the right degree, but this extra leg up would set us all apart.
§The starting salary for a graduate going into cyber security is £35,000.,14.htm
§If you'd like to join feel free, no Computer Sceince degree necessary. Click join and fill out this form: 


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