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The Ministry of Muggleborns

Welcome to the Ministry of Muggleborns: The Harry Potter Society. The Ministy of Magic and Wolverhampton University have combined efforts to create a new program for witches, wizards and muggles who did not recieve their letters from Hogwarts.

Our Society aims:

1) Education for all who did not attend Hogwarts

2) A group for all to make friends and have fun

3) To explore J.K.Rowlings magical work in real life.

The Society is ran by (from 27th April 2017):

Angelica Salas Jones: Chairman and Hufflepuff Head of House

Lisa Edwards: Treasurer and Hufflepuff member

Harriet Gray: Secretary and Hufflepuff member

We are a friendly group of people and are here to help anyone with your every Harry Potter needs. We welcome both pure bloods and muggle borns as we do not discriminate. Plus on every event we organise we will bring food, drinks and homemade cupcakes.


We have several events planned including: the sorting ceremony, movie nights, book readings, quizes, Yule Ball*, Quidditch*, fundraising,  Horcrux Hunt*, craft making, game tournaments, competitions and much more. Our ultimate goal is to potentially end up going to Harry Potter World*.

Do you have any ideas for anything we could possibly do or run? Either send us an email, post on our facebook page or tweet us with your suggestions.

Meetings are twice a month on a Thursday, please visit our facebook page for more details, as events are posted regularly. Usual Room is MA030 (subject to change).


Everyone is welcome to join our society, membership fee is £5. This money is used for the society, for us to run events and to knock any money off trips we organise. We hope to keep costs as low as possible. If you seriously interested in joining our society, we advise paying the admission fee as soon as possible.

Thank you and we hope to see you soon.

**death eaters need not apply