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Wolverhampton SSAGO

Welcome to Wolves Student Scout and Guide Organisation! (SSAGO) 

Are you a Scout? Are you a Guide? Do you like Camping? Or are you just interested in having fun? 

Then come and join Wolves SSAGO! 

A National Scout and Guide Organisation that has clubs in around 30 Universities around the countries! 

We meet once a week we offer lots of different activities from quizzes, to game show nights, bin bag fashion shows and everything in between. Come along and Join us Tuesday's 6:30pm in the Student Union. 

Not only do we have weekly meet up's! but you can come and take part in 4 national events! 3 rallies (Camps) and 1 Formal Ball 

Join the Society that can offer everything! 

*** £5 membership for students and £7 for alumni members! + weekly Subs costs to cover activities - Please join via the society and not the website ***

Wolverhampton SSAGO