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WolvesDesi Society

Desi Society

We are presenting to you Wolverhampton's first ever Desi Society where you can indulge in the south asian culture. Yes thats right this means BOLLYWOOD, DANCE, PARTY SHARTY!!!!!! 

Not only will our society help you to celebrate desi culture but will also allow you to mingle with desi people within the university and more (shhhh soon to come)

Like to Party? Wanna have fun? Join our Desi Society for entertainment, fun and an opportunity to socialise. 

Step away from your normal University day-to-day life and add some masala to your life by joining.


The main objectives to our society is to:

  • To create a social environment for the students at University of Wolverhampton.
  • To connect with other similar societies at universities in the West Midlands.
  • To create a cultural impact on the University of Wolverhampton which will enable a variety of cultures to unite.

Contact Us:

Snapchat - wolvesdesisoc

Instagram - @wolvesdesisoc