Current NUS National Conference Delegates

Your NUS National Conference Delegates are yet to be elected.

Their Manifesto Promises

Your NUS National Conference Delegates are yet to be elected. Why not become an NUS Delegate?

Once your NUS National Conference Delegates are elected, their manifesto promises will appear here.

NUS National Conference Delegates represent the students of the University of Wolverhampton nationally by attending and participating in NUS National Conference. They contribute to national debate, vote on policy, and elect the NUS Executive Officers.

NUS operates a Fair Representation Policy where half of all delegates to National Conference must be women. To meet this requirement a minimum of 2 delegates elected must be women. If you are running for NUS National Conference, please indicate whether you meet this requirement by updating your Elections Profile.

NUS National Conference is between Tue 31 Mar—Thu 2 Apr 2020.

Union Supporters

Democratic & Campaigns Advisor (staff support) and Campaigns Developer (staff support)

Time Commitment

  • National Conference: 3 days, Tue 31 Mar—Thu 2 Apr 2020
  • Training and preparation: 2—3 hours
  • Student Council (reporting): 30 mins—1 hour
  • All other duties, including student contact: 1—2 hours

Term of Office

NUS Delegates serve as delegates of the students of the University of Wolverhampton for the period of the Conference. Term of Office concludes during Convention Council, which is held at the end of the democratic year in May.

You must be a current student at the University of Wolverhampton when elected, and a member of the Students' Union.

You must be available to attend NUS National Conference, between Tue 31 Mar—Thu 2 Apr 2020. Travel and accommodation will be paid by the Students' Union.

The key responsibilities and duties that NUS National Conference Delegates undertakes are:

  1. Attend NUS National Conference; debate motions and vote on policies submitted by students’ unions across the UK in the interests of the students of the University of Wolverhampton
  2. To hold current NUS leadership to account for their work over the past year.
  3. To discuss, amend and approve policy reports from each of the five Zones.
  4. To vote in the elections and appointment of people to various committees and student leadership positions.
  5. To report back on policy outcomes affecting students at Wolverhampton to Student Council.
  6. To attend the NUS’ Annual General Meeting to receive the annual report and accounts and approve the budget for the coming year.
  7. To talk to students face-to-face, and online, and share their concerns and issues raised.
  8. To talk to the Sabbatical Officers, Union, and University staff.
  9. To campaign for change using Create Change.
  10. To promote and bring about change based on their manifesto promises.
  11. To be professional in fulfilling their elected role and duties, abiding by the Code of Conduct.