Make Your Mark Elections 2022

As a student at Wolverhampton University you are able to put yourself forward for one of the four full time paid Student Officer positions or for the voluntary position of Chair of Union Council.

All officers are charged with ensuring that the views of the student body are researched and represented. They also actively work to promote the values of democracy, diversity and equality of opportunity as well as ethical and environmental values amongst the student population.



  • Takes the lead responsibility on the development and delivery of our democratic structures and procedures.
  • Works with the University of Wolverhampton (UOW) and its departments/faculties and liaises with relevant external agencies.
  • The President with other Officers leads on representing all UOW students internally and externally and actively encourages students to become more engaged within their Students’ Union.
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VP Academic

  • Principally charged with the academic representation, primarily to the University, but to other relevant bodies as well. They coordinate the academic representation system
  • The Vice President Academic will actively monitor higher education issues on the local and national scale and will attend University meetings to represent students’ views on academic issues.
  • Liaise regularly with other full time Officers, senior University staff, Union departments and University departments in order to recognise and respond to emerging educational/academic needs for students of the University of Wolverhampton.
  • They will also be the academic representative at a departmental and faculty level, and represent individual students in academic reviews.
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VP Community

  • Takes the lead on community issues. This includes, supporting and representing the student community on issues such as housing, catering, transport, health and well-being, environmental, as well as students’ place in the wider community
  • Support the SU‘s operational delivery of SU plans including a student lead responsibility on campus development and in representing a diverse body of students’ needs and interests to the relevant University departments as per their remit.
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VP Diversity

  • Leads on diversity issues, raising the profile and commitment to our wider student body.
  • Continue to represent the individual needs of the diverse student body, with a particular focus on both post graduate and international students and other student support groups.
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Chair of Union Council

  • The Chair of Union Council ensures the effective delivery of the Union’s strategic policies and campaigns.
  • This position oversee the work of the Union Executive Committee.
  • It also ensures accountability of the Executive Committee to be achieved through student councils
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How previous officers made THEIR mark!

Ways we've made OUR mark

You said you wanted a regular pub quiz event. We now host the Weekly Quiz Night at Walsall SU Bar & Café.

You said you didn’t like the SU Space at Telford Campus. We have relocated the space to SA201, SA Building.

We have increased your student voice! We now have 743 course reps compared to 527 in 2016/17.

Through student consultation we created gym buddies to help overcome the anxiety of going to the gym alone, and to increase motivation. We negotiated a ‘pay as you go’ rate as you said membership was too expensive. Gym buddies is £2 a session and you will receive your 6th session free.

You said it’s difficult to access GP and NHS sexual health services. For semester two we have extended the times the sexual health service drop in’s at City and now have 2 drop in’s a week in Walsall due to high demand.

Students said that the therapeutic art sessions reduces their anxiety and is the best part of their week. We’ve added another therapeutic art session in the week so more can experience the benefits.

We helped students ‘Get a Head Start’ by running pre-enrolment sessions for new students, helping them with budgeting, finance support and more. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive so we will be running these again in summer 2018.

The SU has collaborated with the University which informed important revisions to the Personal Tutoring Policy. All students are now assigned a personal tutor to provide personal and pastoral support to ensure that students receive personalised support and guidance from the outset of their studies

Through feedback from the SU via the Student Voice process, the University have developed an annual University-wide Career Development Week, which was embedded into the academic calendar in 16/17. Students told us that they wanted more opportunities to enhance employability skills and CDW now offers extra-curricular activities for all students, to support the development of their CVs.

You said the University buses are overcrowed. We helped negotiate the University double decker buses.

We've worked with the Wolverhampton community to get 'Ask Angela' implemented in the City Centre.

How will you make YOUR mark?