University of Wolverhampton Students' Union Elections


Becoming an elected officer or representative is a great way to shape your student experience whilst you’re studying at the University of Wolverhampton. There are 16 positions available in the Spring Elections including the 4 full-time officer positions and 12 part-time roles.

As a full-time officer you take a gap year and earn a salary of £17,849 whilst gaining valuable experience in a unique role. The part-time roles are voluntary alongside your studies make a great addition to your CV as well as allowing you to make real positive change during your studies.

For more information on how to run, dates and the positions available, please explore the information below. If you are interested you can fill out the form on this page and a member of Union staff will be happy to contact you to assist you throughout the process.

Full Time Positions

Part Time Positions


Nominations Open

12th February

If you want to run for a position, this is the time to do it. The earlier you get your nomination in, the longer you'll have time to start planning your spectacular campaigns!


Nominations Close

2nd March

This is your last chance to nominate yourself!


Campaign Bootcamp

5th – 9th March

During the week there will be a lot of workshops to help you get the most out of your campaign.


Campaigning Starts

14th March

This is the first day candidates can actively campaign in the elections.


Voting Launch Fest

16th March

We'll be providing live perfomances as the countdown clock ticks down to voting opening. Look out for more details.


Voting Opens

16th March

This is the first day you will be able to vote for your favourite candidates. Don't forget to look at all the positions and see what the candidates will do for you!


Voting Closes

23rd March

After an intense week of voting, it all comes to an end. We then count the votes to let you know who won!