University of Wolverhampton Students' Union Elections


500 Voters - Free Tea
City and Walsall campus SU will be giving out free cups of tea to students for the remainder of the voting period. Limited to 1 hot drink per student per day. Offer cannot be redeemed at the SU Bar and Cafe (Walsall) or any University outlet. Free tea and coffee points will be announced each day.
800 Voters - Free Pool
The SU Pool tables will be set to free for the remainder of the voting period
1000 Voters - Bouncy Castle
The SU will provide a day of inflatables for students to relax and have fun during the day
2000 Voters - Free Printing
The SU will offer free printing of one assignment every Wednesday afternoon per student during assessment and exam periods. Printing will be in black and white and limited to 30 pages
3000 Voters - Nap Room
The SU will open a Nap Room for students to use for catching up on some sleep
4000 Voters - Boardroom Ball Pit
The SU will turn it’s board room at City Campus into a Ball Pit for the day
5000 Voters - Ice Cream Van
The SU will establish a mobile Ice Cream service for students at the University
8000 Voters - End of Year Ball
The SU will arrange an End of Year Ball for students of the University
10000 Voters - SU Minibus
The SU will establish a mini bus service for Societies to use for trips
15000 Voters - SU Bar
The SU will re-establish it’s bar at City Campus

N.B Larger Voter rewards will override each other. The SU reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

Voting Opens Friday 16th March 2018 at 12pm
This is the first day you will be able to vote for your favourite candidates. Don't forget to look at all the positions and see what the candidates will do for you! Voting opens daily from 9am till 9pm except the final day of polling.

Voting Closes Friday 23rd March 2018 at 12pm
After an intense week of voting, it all comes to an end. We then count the votes to let you know who won!

Spring Elections 2018

9 posts are up for election.

Nominations are now closed.

The polls are open and will close at 12:00 on Friday 23 March 2018 (in 3 days and 23 hours)

Please log in to vote.
Post List
Read more about the positions up for election and what each role entails.
Candidate List
See who's running for each post and read their manifestos.

List of candidates

Our list of candidates can be found below. In all positions we also have the candidate Re-Open Nominations (RON) which allows students to call for new candidates if they aren't satisfied with the current candidates.

Please be aware that candidates may choose to be withdrawn from the elections before voting opens.

Full-time Officer Candidates

Academic Officer

Ayo Falana
Erick Hernandez
Juliet Dapaah
Mike Ando
Nabil Alibi
Nompilo Moyo

Community Officer

Cardi James
Jade Francis


Diversity Officer

Aida Ngene
Anjili Gogna
Celia Osakwe
Ewelina Forczak
Raudy Suero
Shahid Shah

Union Affairs Officer

Liam Slough
Majid Akhtar


Part-time Candidates

Ethnic Cultural and Diversity Representative


LGBT+ Representative

Ryan Tallon

Mature/Part-time/Parents Officer

Donna Nzuki

NUS Delegate 2017/18


Students with Disabilities Representative

Henry Obi

Positions with no candidates

Part-time Positions

Accommodation Officer
Chair of Union Council
City Campus Officer
Environmental Officer
International Students Officer
Postgraduate Engagement Officer
Telford Campus Officer
Volunteering Engagement Officer
Walsall Campus Officer
NUS Delegate 2019 (4 Positions)

Full Time Positions

Part Time Positions