School of Performing Arts Updates

Hello There!


I'm Kate and I'm the School Representative for the School of Performing Arts. I currently study Drama and Musical Theatre at level 4. 

Since starting this role, I have worked closely with the Head of School to relay the student's voice and suggestions and close the feedback loop.

As discipline and attendance have been the biggest issue raised to me this has been one of my top priorities. To start improving these issues, I have been bringing them up at Course Committee Meetings, where staff have been able to inform me of how they combat absences and the discipline students face (particularly with practical lessons). They have reassured me that they will continue to push their protocols and encourage student attendance. 

My plan is to host more stalls in the future to encourage students to come forth and speak with me face to face and have a chat, and to give them a chance to submit anonymous feedback. I am also continuously building up my communication and relationship with staff to ensure that feedback is received well and action is taken to improve the student experience.





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