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Mon 08 Feb 2021

Happy Monday!

Good morning!

I hope everyone has had a relaxing weekend and have woken up with great energy for the week ahead!


I'm excited to let you know that I'm currently working with the Student's Union to put together online events to celebrate Young Carers Action Day; to spread awareness and celebrate the role of Young Carers and bring light to what this role actually entails.

Young Carers are below the age of 18, according to the NHS, however, after the age of 18 this doesn't mean their caring duties stop. Young Carers Action Day now involves young carers up to the age of 18, and 18-25. 

"YCAD 2021 will be all about young carers’ futures. The theme is: Protect Young Carers' Futures."

The theme of protecting Young Carers futures is perfect for university students as it enables those who need it to have a conversation about their rights as a carer and how they can make the most of their future after graduating.

For more information you can visit:'ll,place%20on%20March%2016%202021.


If you ever have questions, queries, or problems I encourage you to get in touch via my email -

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Thu 28 Jan 2021

Welcome to Sem 2!


Hello students!

I hope everyone has had a good semester 1 and has had an easy transition Into Semester 2. Remember to stay safe and be responsible for yourself and others around you!

What I’ve been up to so far:

  • I’ve been working with the Union to create online events for the upcoming Young Carers Action Day! This is to celebrate those students who are Young Carers and raise awareness on what that title actually means. Young Carers Action Day is March 15th.

  • I’m currently acting upon issues brought to the School during the School Council in November. These range from timetabling errors to attendance.

  • The University is continuing to host various online events for students to attend such as fitness classes and coffee mornings. I’ve been circulating this information to Course Reps to give to students.

Information on events both the Union and University host can be found on their Facebook and Instagram pages, or through the MyWLV app. I’m also happy to pass on the information to any students.


If you ever have questions, queries, or problems I encourage you to get in touch via my email -

Fri 27 Mar 2020

Stay Home, Stay Safe!

Hello Everyone!

I'm sure you've heard enough of being told to wash your hands and stay indoors right now, but of course, we have to express the importance of all the health advice given to us. Each day brings us closer to a vaccine and cure, and a positive mindset is the way forward!

As School rep, I've been telling students about mindfulness during this isolation period, and encouraging them to pick up new hobbies and change up their daily routine! I myself have been knitting and of course, spending every day on Animal Crossing New Horizons!

I hope you all keep yourselves safe and feel free to email me with any questions and queries!

Wed 04 Mar 2020

Hello There!


I'm Kate and I'm the School Representative for the School of Performing Arts. I currently study Drama and Musical Theatre at level 4. 

Since starting this role, I have worked closely with the Head of School to relay the student's voice and suggestions and close the feedback loop.

As discipline and attendance have been the biggest issue raised to me this has been one of my top priorities. To start improving these issues, I have been bringing them up at Course Committee Meetings, where staff have been able to inform me of how they combat absences and the discipline students face (particularly with practical lessons). They have reassured me that they will continue to push their protocols and encourage student attendance. 

My plan is to host more stalls in the future to encourage students to come forth and speak with me face to face and have a chat, and to give them a chance to submit anonymous feedback. I am also continuously building up my communication and relationship with staff to ensure that feedback is received well and action is taken to improve the student experience.




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