Institute of Health Updates

Tue 01 Jun 2021

A green Eco Summer Holiday

Today I found myself singing some of the lyrics of  my fav old school anthems ; Cliffy' we are going on a summer holiday' and it’s going to be a lovely day (good old Bill). Yes I know it’s maybe because the sun is out, but it is also nearing  the end of anouther academic year and despite the highs and lows, this year has proven to really bring out both the best and the worst out in all of us.

Yet, I am reminded that is the course of life, without these reminders of how human we all are, creates a risk that we could possibly neglect the beauty in how important our eco environment is, which is easily  take for granted.

I am also reminded how easy it is to get back to normal without taking a thought for our planet. So now when I am enjoying the hot sun, I plead a solemn promise that I will still consider, whether that extra plastic bag needs to be purchased? Have I taken stock of my plastic purchases???????, Do I really need a car to travel a would be 5 min walk????????????

I do hope you join me on this eco summer holiday, as we have come to learn , we should never take anything or anyone for granted on this beautiful planet called Earth.

Fri 05 Mar 2021

National Best Friend Day - Sign Here!

Dear All, 

Please excuse my tone. The following message may send like a speech straight from the House of Parliament, but my Honourable friends, Today I put forward my  case  for ‘National Make a Best Friend day’ which will also duly  be cemented in University policy as in remembrance of  friends, colleagues , and university staff who were there for us in the best of times and in the worse.

I guess Covid has taught us valuable life lessons, for example just how important  personal ‘hygiene’ practices is for the wellbeing of another human being. There too were genuine love expressions that was unashamedly shared between friends , neighbours and  strangers, to now it is almost ritual to end any meeting with genuine pleas of ‘ please keep safe’.

With this in mind, today  this proposed ’ National Make a Best Friend Day’ , will serve to  be that soft reminder everyone needs. May we never forget the power of love and the importance of reaching out to friends we never knew were waiting.


If you are in agreement University of Wolverhampton, please nod twice !

Mon 15 Feb 2021

The Magnificent 7

Last week I had that aha day , the day I knew would come, the day I called tomorrow is now here. Yes folks it’s the day I have realised that my diet is not up to scratch (especially for an inspiring public health practitioner).  However today is not like any other day, after I watched my fav film with my sweetheart crush Denzel playing lead, The magnificent 7 became my lightbulb moment that triggered an idea for my much-needed lifestyle change. 

I have longed for a diet which would be easy and fun to do. I know that I am not the only one. So take a pen and take note of the diet I have named The Magnificent 7.  Firstly, choose 7 healthy food items and duly put each item on your to-do calendar , 1 for each day of the week with a reminder to consume during the day or at mealtimes depending on the item.  Each week can be a different item or just your favourite 7. This has worked great for me.So far as I have managed to increase my fruit and veg intake by 50%. Albeit according to The Guardian, this could take up to 66 days to eventually turn it in to a habit (only 60 days to go), but I can wait.

So with that in mind, I will feedback in three months, hopefully slimmer and healthier all thanks to my Magnificent 7. Why not join me.

Fri 05 Feb 2021

The secret to success

A Smile A Day Keeps Woe at Bay.

I was reminded of this as I woke up this morning and felt a smile come on. I was quickly reminded that our health is not only detected by illness but how good we feel about ourselves and the world.

Smiling is one of the free things in life but has endless benefits.

A smile can make a stranger’s day, can help to make the world a brighter place and indeed can help to reinstate thatthe old adage that there is really light at the end of the tunnel.

So I dare you, try to smile at least once a day and watch your world transform right in front of your eyes.

Sun 24 Jan 2021

Well, Hello WLV OF 2021


As we are approaching the New Normal!

The  NEW in Happy NEW Year has taken on a NEW meaning especially for us as students,as we are beginning a NEW term, having to adapt to NEW ways of learning, thinking , doing and  networking. In summary a NEW way of being.

This can be frightening. However I am reminded that NEW is GREAT.Now we can look forward to;

NEW ways of health and wellbeing

NEW ways of communicating

NEW ways of saving our planet

Which can only mean NEW improved GLOBAL HEALTH.

So Happy NEW Year WLV Students of 2021!!!

Wed 04 Mar 2020

Is It Really Greener On The Other Side ?

Before starting Uni, I initially played with the idea of enrolling on a Degree online course. Even throughout the duration of my studies,these thoughts have not been too far away. Ahh, the luxury of reading health books in my PJs, no need for challenging group work assignments and the bliss of spending precious time with my little one. Such tempting thoughts, had me wondering, could “online learning really be greener on the other side”.

Alas, now with these uncontrollable events unravelling before our eyes. I have my answer!

Now in my second week of "social distance learning", mandated by the conditions set by Coronavirus. I am now having to generate the motivation to home study, learn to adapt to my new role as Home school teacher(which is hairpulling), study health in the luxury of my  PJs (which  is not as fun as its cracked out to be), all whilst worrying about the health of the nation (did I just touch me face?) . With all this multitasking, I can safely say, without a shadow of a doubt, “it really isn’t greener on this side of the fence”.

Needless to say,  I am ashamed to admit, that I have not always appreciated the work of those who have helped me get thus far in my degree, who are also continuing to do so, even during these tough times.  

So, I just want to say a big THANK YOU!!!  to all our unsung heroes, including;

  • NHS staff -      Who have always been there to ensure we are well
  • Lecturers -     For creating learning environments, that motivate
  • Fellow class members-    Whose experiences made learning come alive
  • Student support services including Student union- For giving me a voice to share
  • School Teachers- For doing a great job making learning fun for our kids

I don’t know what the future holds, but it  really takes moments like these to appreciate those around us.