Business School Updates

Fri 21 May 2021

End of Semester two

Dear All,

I hope all of you now have submitted all your assignments or completed online exams.
I would like to let you all know that student drop in sessions for the international students drop ins have ended however, there are still student drop in sessions for all to attend if you are intrested or have any questions please contact Jenniffer Cotter about the student drop ins email:

Univeristy is also in process of planning for first semster in the next acadmeic year and will be in touch with all returning and new students in regards to any events taking place and bleded learning. 

I wish you all luck with your next year at the Univeristy of Wolverhampton and all Univeristy Graduates (Congratulations and wish all the best for the future). 

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Tue 09 Feb 2021

Semester Two

Hi All!

Hope you are having a great start of the semster two and I hope you are setteling well with all your new modules. 
I want to keep all Business Students updated on whats going on and recenlty our Univiersity has recieved a hardship fund from governement there was a meeting held this week to discuss how Univeristy should spent this money and I have asked all business school  course representatives for ideas that I have passed forward so they can be shared during the meeting. 

Yvonne the course rep for Events and Venue Management has came up with an idea of Univeristy prioviding bursary or gift type for those students that have achieved a good grade for the modules, for mums that aren’t given up studying while having a small baby to be used towards expenses for university. 

Gurivnder the course rep for Business Management has came up with an idea of sending the hardhsip fund money on providing students with books as some books can't be accessed online which makes it difficult to study. 

Other course reps had many more ides and all have been passed forward to the meeting. I will update you on the next steps of hardship fund soon. 

I also want to ecourgare all students to email me if you have any issues with anything I will always try to help and provide you with solution. 
Email -

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Mon 25 Jan 2021

Semester One Update

Welcome All. 

I want to welcome you all beck to my fantastic blogs after such a long time of my absence from writting them. In this blog I would like to talk to you about  the first semester and what did I do in my role as School rep for business school. 
One of my first aims was to build a stable and good relationship with the course reps for business school. We began training for new course reps at the end of October and in November and Decemebr we were still recrutig course reps. Every Reps have recieved a welcome email from me with extra training powerpoint slides. I have also contatced my course reps  on numerous occassions to communicate important news involving students or asked about their views. The biggest oppotunity so far for me and course reps to meet and have a conaveristion about business school issues was Business School Council. 

In first semster my second biggest aim was and still is the promotion of the role of school representative. I'm still in the process of contacting relevant people who can help in creating the promotion and make sure its posted on various University Social media platforms. The whole rep team considers this tp be a great idea as it will benefit us as well as you (students). I hope that I will be able to update you on the progress of this little project very soon. 

I have further plans for semster two and I will upadate you on that in next weeks. 



Fri 19 Jun 2020

Business School rep update

Dear All,

I hope you are all well :) 
It was a very intensive semester for us al. We have all started sesmster two very positive and opened our minds for new knowledge and challenges unofortunatly in March we recieved a bad news about world being attacked by coronavirus and countries going to lockdown. In mid March UK goverment decided to introduce lockdown and as a result our usual way of live changed we were not longer able to attend uni, see our friends and get advice in regards to courseworks or exams from our lectures it  has been  moved online and we all started to get used to microsoft team meeting, online lectures and emailing our collegues and lecturers to get help. 
We all by know should have submitted our online exams and courseworks some of us may already have grades for their work (hope everyone got grades they wanted to acheive) :D if not however, you still have a chance to retake in July and if anyone has any difficulties with retakes please don't hesitate and email me so I can help you out (email-

Thank you. 



Fri 08 May 2020

School rep update 08/05/2020

Hi All!

I hope everyone is safe and well. 

On my last blog post I have talked about my idea of creating an online place of meeting with students and course reps. This week I have emailed all the course reps and shared my idea with them and asked for opinions. I have recieved few responses with support of the idea however, I'm still waiting for more emails as I want to know the opinion of the majority of course reps. I will update you on this idea and any further opinions from course reps next week. 

As exams and coursework deadlines are very quickly approaching some of you may be feeling anxious and stressed. If you need any advice or need any help please don't hasitate to email me I will try to do my best to help or direct you to a person who will provide better expert advice. 



Thu 30 Apr 2020

After Easter update.

Hi All.


Welcome back after Easter Break I hope everyone was safe at home and doing their courseworks as deadlines are approaching or preparation for exam. 

During the easter break I have wondered what do students think about our Business School and what are the major problems that should be resolved before starting another academic year in October.  Thats why I came up with an idea to create an online place of meeting where all Business School students can share with me their concerns and ideas on how we as a community can solve them to make our school a better place of learning for us and future students. 
Please let me know what you think about this idea on my email- 

Remember that your school rep is always here for you and ready to help to the best of my ability. 

Thank you 


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Fri 03 Apr 2020

Second Corona Week.

 Hi All!

As one of my duties I have to keep you all updated of what I have done this week to make our student experience better. 

Its very difficult to recieve any good news in current times however, I have recived an email form Our Head of Business School regarding the sandwich placements. 
The meeting was arranged for 24th of April with Clare Schofiled, Me (Business School Rep) and career office staff. I will keep you updated about all the discussed issues and what are the Univeristy proposalas to solve the problem. 

I have also contacted all the course respresentatives and reminded them that I want them to keep in touch with me if they or students on their course have any problems so I can help to the best of my ability to solve the problem. 

Stay Home 
Stay Safe 


Thu 26 Mar 2020

Lockdown Week

Hi All.

Hope you all are well and are following the Prime MInisters advice on staying home. 

As a result of the coronavirus our education is under a question mark. I'm aware that a lot of you have diffrent feelings about what will happen to your studies and your examiniations also, I'm aware of the fact that our lectures may not be able to respond to your emails on time or within the three days period because of the intense workload that they are facing and many emails that they have to reply to. 

However, if you feel that the lecturer is taking a long time to respond to your issue can you please do the following:

  • Try to contact your students service via email or phone call - Email:  Phone: 01902 321789
  • Try to email your module leader and ask if he/she can help you chase your module tutor.
  • Or you can email me-

    If you have any further questions or any issue that you would like me to know please emial me on the above specified email address. 




Thu 19 Mar 2020

New Update

Hi All.

This is a new week update of what I have been upto this week. 
As we all know our University have decided to stop all face-to-face teaching and assessments from 18th of March becuase of COVID-19. This has a very big effect on all students as some of us may be confused and worried that dates for any assigments or examination may be affected and the fact that majority of uni resources are not available for student use. If you have any questions related to the univeristy closure or you are worried about how this will affect your studies please contact me on my email: 

As this week I have decided to focus on the problem of sandwich placement and as a result of Univeristy stopping face to face contact me and Head of Business School cannot proceed with any meeting with career's office regarding sandwich placements. I have contatced the Head of Business School to contact me with an alternative plan of how we can solve this issue and gather the opinion of career office on this matter. 


Wed 04 Mar 2020


Hi All!

My name is Kamila Kosiba and I'm a School Representative for Business School. I'm studying Human Resource Mangement and Law and I decided to become a school representative to enhance my student experience as I felt that attending uni only twice a week is not really helping me. I also want to give back to my uni community. 

My main focus is to make students voice heard and to improve sadwich placement process for students. Its my main focus as I have faced a lot of difficluty with obtaining a sandwich placement and I felt that Univeristy is not supporting students in making this important step for your career and progress. 
Recently I have met with Head of Business School to discuss problems that student face in business scholl and sandwich placements was one of the biggest discussion topic. 

If you have any feedback about your univeristy experience or any issue that you feel should be solved please email me on: or come and talk to be face to face every Monday from 9.30 to 13.30 and every Thursday from 9.30 to 13.30 in Students Union. 

Thank you!!!!