Election Grievances

If you feel an Election Principle has been broken, which if unresolved would mean an election was not fair and equitable, then you can raise an election complaint (grievance) using the form below

The following rules apply to submitting a complaint:

  • You must be a current student at the University of Wolverhampton

  • The complaint must be evidence-based

  • Complaints will not be accepted after the close of voting

Grievances will be considered by the Deputy Returning Officer or nominee/ complaints panel who will decide whether to accept (uphold) or reject the grievance. You will be notified of any decision in writing. More information can be found in the Code of Conduct located in the Candidate Hub.

Personal Details

Anonymous complaints will not be considered and cannot be evidenced by a third party

Complaint Details

Details of the incident (including time and date)




If you have any further evidence you'd like to upload with your Election Grievance, please select the box below and we will get in touch:

Outcome Sought

You are asked to note that this is your preference only, and places no restriction on the outcome of the operation of the Complaints Procedure.


The Returning Officer reserves the right to consider grievances as vexatious and may take disciplinary action accordingly.


Should you require advice and assistance in completing this form, or in relation to any other aspect of the Complaints Procedure, this may be obtained in writing, to Lisa Burton lisa.burton@wlv.ac.uk

If in doubt – ask us
Remember: Stop Complaining, Start Campaigning