Election Expenses

About your budget, and how to use this form

As a candidate, you have a maximum of £30 to spend on the election. The Students' Union will pay expenses up to £30 on campaign spending, if a receipt is provided. We cannot refund expenses without a receipt due to legal restrictions on charity spending.

Your budget needs to cover:

  • Any print material you use,
    • Printing costs will come out of your budget, but as posters and flyers are passive campaign tools, we will not reimburse you for for them.
  • Any social media advertising you do,
  • Any stash or branding you buy,
  • Any stunt expenses you incur,
  • Anything you buy to give away to voters.

This form can be used to itemise all materials used during the election, even if they didn't cost you anything. This is to ensure there is a record of what you're using during the election, to ensure your campaign is run in line with the Election Principles.

  • Anything you obtain for the election, put through this form, even if it didn't cost you anything.
  • Anything you already have (like a costume) which is unchanged once the campaign has finished (i.e it can be used again, it has not been permanently consumed, changed or damaged) does not count as an expense
    • For example, musical instruments, household items, etc. which are returned to their original purpose after the campaign finishes are not expense items and do not come out of your budget.
    • Essentially, the rule is - if you break it, you pay for it.
  • Items freely and readily available to anyone may be used without cost. Ask us if you need clarification on free items.
  • If you buy anything, it must go through this form.
  • If in doubt, put it through the form.

Only candidates are authorised to submit expenses claims through this form. Your final budget must be with the Deputy Returning Officer before 6pm on Friday 22 March (one hour after the vote closes). This is to ensure that we can check all spending before the results are announced.

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