Kingsley Nnamani
for Shadow Councillor

Anything is possible for those who believe

About Kingsley

My name is Kingsley Nnamani but known as King, 27yrs old and studied BSc (Hon) Computer Science Software Engineering now doing MSC Information Technology Management. I’m an athletic and love to motivate/inspire people with cheerful words to engage them in life.

However, my promises is that, it would be all about change!!!, new innovations on how to help student achieve a better stay in the university and feel love by one another.

Kingsley's promises

  1. I promise to change the ways on how students are being treated but showing them love, respect and helping them grow spiritually
  2. I promise to Create a new innovation to will help to solve student issue or problems in any areas of their courses
  3. I promise to work together as a team along side with the other councillors, officers to enable us achieve a better goal
  4. I promise to organise a session whereby students will have the chance to showcase their talent
  5. I promise to ensure adequate respond to students enquiries

More information...

Engaging student with social activities
Making sure student queries are being treated with respect
Working as a team to improve the quality of learning in the university
Providing a sesssion whereby all student can showcase their different talents
Providing a motivational or inspirational speaker to talk to students because often times students are being carried away by their situations like stress
Providing support that will help students grow spiritually because we live in a world of evils days

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