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About Aida

Aiit so boom. I'm Aida. I'm 6'1. I don't play basketball but I am a slyly heavy fan. I am super American so loud, obnoxious, way too much energy? Yea, that's me :)

Aida's promises

  1. To create a STUDENT CULTURE worth representing
  2. Full support to society events & initiatives that promote a sense of community for students
  3. Increase engagement & interaction between WLV Sport and Students

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Listen, this university is lacking in the culture area. When students apply to be a part of this institution they are not coerced by our bustling student life, if anything they are appalled that it is this bad. There is a long standing habit of: go to lecture, be bored, complain about being bored, repeat. Well, with your help, I am trying to change that. Why aren't we packing the bleachers at basketball games and showing other universities why we are 'the big bad wolf'? Where's the school spirit? Yes, you're here for a degree but extra-curricular activities play a larger role in your day to day life after university, so why not network and make memories? You pay all this money to come here, the least you can get is a relatively decent student experience. & before you start drowning me in all your complaints, remember that that university with that really cool thing that you want us to have, have that because their students are involved. So if you're not ready to put in the work with me, enjoy your nap. Peace & Love, Rev Run :)

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