Ayo - Union Affairs Officer

Tayabah Mahmood



BSc Biomedical Science

Proudest achievement so far:

Being commended for my approach and delivery on the Interview Panel for the new Independent Governors at the University of Wolverhampton

My role as President:

  • To be the student lead on the development and delivery of Wolves SU democratic structures and procedures.

  • To work with all students and stakeholders, such as the University of Wolverhampton and relevant external agencies, to ensure that the Student Voice is heard and the Student Experience is enhanced.

  • To actively encourage students to become more engaged with Wolves SU and help create a sense of belonging among the student community.


Talk to me about...

Making our SU a more welcoming place for everyone

Facilities and services that students need

Empowering student voice

Contact me

Phone on 01902 322045

Email at uwsupresident@wlv.ac.uk


My objectives for this year are:

  1. Increase student engagement and student interaction with the SU.

  2. Strengthen relationship/ Communication with the university.

  3. Improved Multi-faith room(MFR)/ Prayer room facilities.

  4. More support and representation for underrepresented groups of students.

  5. Increase presence at other campuses.


Objectives Tracker

1. Increase student engagement and student interaction with the SU

Work Undertaken So Far

  • Started the conversation on the Culture Fusion project aimed to increase societal engagement and interaction, further targeting the whole student body.
  • Delivered a variety of Welcome week events including Meet your officers
  • Created President Social Media handles for students to interact
  • Regular presence around students in the SU lounge at lunch times
  • President- Officer Lead in Marketing

Work Remaining

  • Aim to grow a stronger social media presence- Look at statistics of each post. What do students respond to- Ask other SU’s!
  • Complete a student feedback survey/ Quantitative and Qualitative by face-to-face conversations- Gather information and numbers
  • Maintain a presence in the student space/ lounge minimum once a week for an hour.
  • Launch Culture Fusion and promote it around societies
  • Host an event presented by Culture Fusion
  • Increase presence at other campuses (also an objective)
  • STUDENT UNION OPEN DAY IDEA! Put into action


2. Strengthen relationship/ Communication with the University

Work Undertaken So Far

  • Meeting with Senior staff at the Uni regarding clearer communication.
  • Graduation ceremonies
  • Increased Student/Sabb representation on committees
  • Recruitment of the New Independent Governors
  • Met the new Deans and requested them to invite the SU in the inductions for each course.
  • Increase interaction with Board of governors- Presented strategic plan

Work Remaining

  • Invite and meet all Board of governors in SU space
  • Currently involved in recruiting for the New VC
  • Ensure that University services are working effectively by helping out as an SU for the sake of students- share responsibility
  • Maintain conversation with Uni staff informally and formally
  • Showcase the strength of the Student Union by maintaining focus and challenge. 


3. Improved Multi-faith room (MFR)/ Prayer room facilities

Work Undertaken So Far

  • Spoke to several students on their feedback for the MFR.
  • Started conversation with Jane on providing signage and other marketing related work In MFR.
  • Covered up see through gaps on window to maintain privacy.

Work Remaining

  • Converse with staff on providing separate room for men and separate room for women (student feedback).
  • Action plan signage and marketing work needed for MFR.
  • Speak to Chaplaincy regarding services that they provide for students to pray around uni premises.


4. More support and representation for underrepresented groups of students

Work Undertaken So Far

  • In discussions with Aston SU regarding a collaboration request for campaign on Multiple Sclerosis to raise awareness.
  • Black History Month- Contribution to Sabb Spotlight

Work Remaining

  • Meet up with Aston SU.
  • Promote any campaign related content to Instagram.
  • Book FOSIS for Islamophobia awareness month
  • Ask students to make videos on topics for social media platforms.


5. Increase presence at other campuses

Work Undertaken So Far

  • Raised concerns with Uni of lack of SU presence on Telford, Walsall and Burton campus.
  • Give university student feedback

Work Remaining

  • Maintain conversation with university for support in increasing presence at other campuses by possibly increasing staff capacity.
  • Request a room/area for the SU at Springfield campus


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