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Opeyemi Adeyemi 

VP Diversity


My role as VP Diversity:

  • Foster an inclusive, safe, and welcoming campus environment.

  • Represent and advocate for the needs of the diverse groups within the university. 

  • Organise diversity related events and initiatives.




Talk to me about...


Mental Health campaigns and concerns

Accessibility needs and allyship

Joining or creating a society

Diversity and equality issues

Contact me

Phone on 01902 322047

Email at





My objectives for this year are:



  • To increase representation and visibility of all diverse groups within the student union and throughout the university.

  • Identify where all our communities are lacking representation and support. 

  • Promote the physical presence of liberation reps.

  • Continuous evaluation of the impacts of the actions already put in place.



  • To advocate for policies and initiatives that promote equity and inclusion for all students regardless of their background, identity, or experiences.

  • Maintain strong communication with students and students’ representatives/ staff within these groups.

  • Advocate for accessible facilities and resources where not already considered. 

  • Implement a bias/ sensitivity awareness campaign to address unconscious bias, cultural competency, and inclusive communication to foster an environment where all students feel valued and respected.



  • Assess the needs and barriers of students.

  • Evaluate the attainment gap.

  • Drop-ins/ visits to interact and evaluate current needs for retention.

  • Academic, financial, and social support, comprehensive support/ programs to address these needs.


  • Collaborate with relevant departments, university staff and partners for the different groups and societies. e.g liberation reps, EDI, Student support and wellbeing etc.

  • Establish clear and common goals for any collaborative projects. 

  • Collaborate with societies and other student organizations to create joint initiatives that address specific diversity and inclusion issues. 


  • Organise events and programs that promote cross-cultural understanding and appreciation, to foster a more inclusive and cohesive community at our university.

  • Make sure to collaborate with societies on events.

  • Host regular “town hall” meetings or forums to provide a platform for students to share their experiences and concerns relating to diversity and liberation (if students are comfortable with that)

  • Implement mentorship programs that connect students from diverse backgrounds and students with diverse needs to support and empower each other.


  • Host regular drop-in sessions with students and liberation reps. 

  • Student surveys.

  • Actively listen to student feedback and concerns and take action to address any issues related to diversity and inclusion that are brought to my attention.

  1. Implement Liberation Officers.





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