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Oluwafunbi Babatunde

VP Community and Welfare


My role as VP Community and Welfare:

  • Represent and support student with focus on the key issues relating to the student community such as accommodation, finance, transport, health and wellbeing.

  • Lead officer for advocacy on emerging needs and issues relating to the student community while supporting Wolves SU in delivery of SU plans.




Talk to me about...

Mental health campaigns and concerns.

Creating or joining a society.

Accommodation and transport concerns.

Finance concerns. 

Contact me

Phone on 01902 322117

Email at





Objectives for the year

Mental health awareness

Raise awareness on various mental health issues and supports available.

Introduce events for campus life balance. 

Emphasize on stress management and support.


Inclusive international community

Promote student involvement in societal activities to foster sense of belonging.

Introduce events that celebrates the international community.

Hold more inclusive event to eradicate engagement barriers.


Bridge academic and Employment gap

Promote volunteering opportunities to gain more hands-on experiences.

Introduce workshops for skills improvement.

Promote student entrepreneurial activities with networking events.


Improve student engagement and voice validation. 

Work closely with society officers on activities and events.

Ensure students queries are attended to promptly.

Foster accommodating and exciting student community.

Promote other extracurricular activities with rewarding system.






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