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Yetunde Adedipe

VP Academic


My role as VP Academic:

  • Oversee the system of academic representation and serve as the primary student representative in academic matters.

  • Attend Committee and Sub-committee meetings to represent students’ views on academic matters.

  • Regularly monitor Higher Education issues on local, national, and international trends and issues to better represent and advocate for students.

  • Be the academic representative at departmental and faculty level and represent individual students in academic reviews.

  • Address the evolving academic and educational requirements of the university of Wolverhampton’s students, while actively collaborating with the essential SU and University personnel.




Talk to me about...

Issues related to your course of study.

Accessibility of your academic resources.

Becoming a student rep

Contact me

Phone on 01902 322029

Email at





My objectives for this year are:



  • To ensure that the student voice is heard and validated at committee and sub-committee meetings.

  • Engage in the review and development of academic policies, ensuring they are student-centric and address the current needs of the student body.


Support Academic Initiatives

  • Host regular drop-in-sessions with students

  • Sensitise students about academic misconduct.

  • Create awareness about academic support students can leverage on such as Turnitin, Cite-them-right, and Skills for Learning.

  • Regularly gather feedback from students on academic matters, ensuring that ongoing issues or concerns are promptly addressed.


  • Bridge the gap between industries and academia for students’ employability.

  • Establish a robust reward system that recognises students’ hard work, and outstanding academic performance.

  • Oversee or support events, workshops and programmes that promote academic success, such as CV writing workshops, study groups, e.t.c.

Improved Students’ Welfare and Engagement

  • Promote and support a wide range of students’ events and social activities.

  • Ensure that every student has access to requisite facilities needed to support their education and to improve their learning experience.






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