Tobi - Academic Officer

Tobi Falana

VP Academic

My name's Tobi and this is my first year as VP Academic for the University of Wolverhampton Students Union

What I am hoping to achieve this year:

For this next academic year, I hope to ensure the release of the timetables for both exams and lectures, to lobby for free printing across all of our campuses, and to fight for a library service that is fit for purpose.

Fun fact about me:

I’m a very approachable and open-minded person. I love to make friends with students and engage with them.


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My objectives for this year are:

  • More relaxed policy around extenuating, mitigating circumstances

    - I will request special consideration for mitigating, extenuating, exceptional or special circumstances procedures or factors affecting performance of students on campus. Most students face enormous process and policy during academic integrity or when they unable to submit their work timely. Most times some of them cannot pay for GP letters or face massive queue before they could see their GPs and the University will not grant their extenuating circumstance unless a GP letter is produced.
  • Early release of timetable

    - Time table has become a menace in our campus which has disabled many students to plan and organise their day to day activities. I will fight and ensure the University put in adequate resources to ensure all students gets there time table timely for both lectures and exam.
  • International health surcharge for international students (HIS)

    - The government charges the international students the sum of £300 annually for health related issue when studying in the UK and there are plans for further increase up to £400 in 2020. I will lobby the University to subsidise this fee without increasing the tuition fee for international students to make them not incurred unnecessary debt during their time studying in our University.
  • Free printing

    - I will fight and lobby against University printing cost and all other hidden cost on campus.
    - I will ensure the University prioritize the hardship fund for students who are disadvantaged and from underrepresented groups.
  • Fit for purpose library and conducive learning environment

    - During my time studying for masters, the University library I far away from been a market place because it is not fit for purpose and hence students find it hard to have quiet study space for learning and reading. I will ensure the University construct a library that is fit for purpose to ensure students have excellent University and campus experience.

    - I will ensure all our classrooms are equipped with modern heating facility compared to what we have currently in majority of classrooms across the University


Objectives Tracker


Early release timetable for exams and lectures

Completed - All students have been confirmed to have received their timetables.

In Progress

To devise an academic misconduct and plagiarism campaign to aid in the awareness raising and education of students within this area

Academic Campaign has been launched by the Students' Union. There was the creation of a website page and a launch video and the first phase 'Education and Awareness' has been delivered to students. The co-ordination of three phases: Education and Awareness, Communication and Confidence and Support and Skills. Tobi has been able to influence the personal tutor policy which will has helped shape how students have an understanding of Academic Misconduct, making it mandatory for Personal Tutors to start initial conversations with Students RE: Academic Misconduct and what this is.


Tackle international students health surcharge

Ayo has taken a lead on this project, the update is -Working with NUS on this as it is a national issue, tendering motions to lobby the UKVI to revert back to the old ways of it being included in the visa fee. See Ayo's objectives as he is taking lead.


Review policy around extenuating circumstances

The university is looking at reviewing this policy and Tobi and Esther will work with the School reps on this.


Close the BAME attainment gap

Esther is leading on this - A new plan has been formulated where we will recruit to the liberation positions for 2021/22

Not Started

Free printing across campus

Due to Covid-19 and ways of working, printing has not been an issue with students as they are currently studying from home. Tobi met with the head of Digital Print Services to discuss facilities for students. He is going to collect information from students to find out what support they would like for printing will then meet with the university on this.

Bonus wins

Coming soon.