About Us

African-Caribbean society for more information email acswolves@outlook.com

The African-Caribbean Society (ACS) is a society that was started up in Wolverhampton in the academic year starting in 2015, in order to empower the 'black' community within the university with external and internal support. We are always looking for new members so that we can continue to grow and progress as a society! 


We are a society filled with African and Caribbean students, studying all different types of degrees at the University of Wolverhampton. Our aims are to bring together students of similar backgrounds and cultures within the African and Caribbean community and provide a space for these students to connect and share experiences. We host team events and activities to engage our members and our goal is to teach the learners of today, how to become the leaders of tomorrow.


Email, DM or Tweet us on our social medias to find out more about memberships, events and any questions you may have.