Are you the next Student Council Chair?

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Would you like to be involved in setting policies and holding debates? Keeping our Sabbatical Officers accountable to their members? We may have the perfect role for you… Wolves SU is looking for the next Student Council Chair!

What is Student Council?

Student Council is the highest decision-making body in the Students’ Union. Council represents the voice of students at the University of Wolverhampton by discussing students issue and finding solutions. They also look at the SU’s policies, updating and amending them where appropriate as well as voting in motions (student ideas). If a motion is voted in by Student Council, it becomes an SU policy for 2 years.

Our Sabbatical Officers report to the Student Council, who scrutinise their work and offer constructive feedback to ensure what they do is for the benefit of our members.

Council must meet at least three times per academic year, in accordance with our Byelaws, and all Student Council members are voluntary and elected by students, including the Chair.

For more information on council, please click here.

What does the role involve?

Without a Chair, Council cannot convene, so this role is vital to the governance of Wolves SU!

As Chair of the Council, you will…

  • Set agendas and approve papers for each meeting
  • Ensure that actions raised in the meeting are being resolved
  • Help the SU to train council members so that they understand their role and make the most of it
  • Approve Officer reports, and if not approved, ensure appropriate actions are taken
  • Keep the discussion relevant and to time

The Council Chair is a neutral, non-voting, member of Student Council and would typically only vote if there was a tie.

This position is voluntary and will only require a few hours a term.

If you’d like to find out more about the role, please click here.

How will I be supported in the role?

Throughout your role as Student Council Chair you will be supported by the Student Voice team, who will provide administrative support, training and will attend meetings as staff members to provide guidance and/or clarify Byelaws.

We also provide opportunities for Council members to meet outside of meetings and to network with other Reps.

What’s in it for me?

You will develop valuable skills to increase your employability while supporting democracy within Wolves SU and helping us to ensure that the student experience at the University of Wolverhampton is the best it can be.

You will develop skills such as:

  • Time management
  • Effective communication
  • Chairing a meeting
  • Presenting
  • Public Speaking

You will be able to demonstrate your ability to remain impartial whilst displaying respect and sensitivity to differing viewpoints and you will have the opportunity to network and work with Wolves SU staff, Sabbatical Officers, Student Representatives, and various student groups.

As this position is voluntary, you can really make it your own and get involved in as much or as little as you would like.

The time to put yourself forward as Chair is now! Nominations will open on Tuesday 28th May and close on Sunday 2nd June. To nominate yourself, please include a manifesto where you present to our members why you would make a good Student Council Chair.

To nominate yourself, click here.

Voting will be done through the Wolves Union webpage. Voting will open to all students on Tuesday 4th June and close on Sunday 9th June.

If you have any questions about the role or the process, or would like to discuss anything, please contact