Why its worth joining Societies at Uni

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Everyone knows the big things you need to think about when choosing the right uni. League table placing, reputation, location.

But an important thing to consider is the Students Union and what it offers!

The Students’ Union can have a huge influence on your university experience. An active and healthy union will create a social and supportive atmosphere throughout the university, and will mean that the student voice is likely to be heard and acted upon. After all, the union is run by students – so they know what students need.

One of the key aspects of a Students’ Union is keeping student societies up and running and offering extra-curricular options to choose from.

So here’s why joining Societies at Uni is worth it….

Meet more people, make new friends!

Uni’s full of chances to make friends. You’ll meet people on your course and in your halls, but you can never have too many mates! There will be many people that you meet outside of your close circle by joining a society and they’ll most likely share common ground with you already as you’ve joined the same society.  

Societies also give you experiences that you may find useful outside of socialising and more so in the workplace such as learning how to run events. For example, many societies put together an end of year ball which involves linking in with SU staff members as well as venue staff members.


Simply, just doing more stuff

Moving away from home and into an unfamiliar setting is a big step. While you’re getting settled, it’s a nice feeling to have your social calendar feeling full. 

Getting involved with an interesting society or two sorts that right out – being part of one literally gives you an excuse to go out! It won’t all be drinking and dancing; the type of society you join has an obvious influence on the type of activities you’ll spend your time doing.

Not only will you have made new friends but often societies give you the change to travel, discover different talents, speak at events or give you the option to give back by taking part in fundraising.


Expand or learn key skills

Time management, leadership and organisation are all the kind of skills you can develop from being in a society. 

By joining a society and becoming a key part of its make up you’re recognising that there is more to uni than just your course. Yes, a good degree is hugely important (after all it is what you are paying for!) but developing skills in more ways than just academic will help make you stand out once you start looking for a job.  You’ll learn how to prioritise, speak up and, perhaps most importantly, get out of your comfort zone and try new things.

Build your CV

Adding skills to your CV alongside your degree gives you a useful edge in the job market. Your hobbies and interests can help you stand out against hundreds of other graduates with the same qualification. 

Showing that you took part in extracurricular activities outside of binge-watching Netflix proves that you’re dedicated to bettering yourself, and that you’re passionate about whatever it is you do. If the society is linked to your course subject and future career too, even better.

This year during Freshers we are offering Give it a Go sessions with our Societies that allows you to have a taster of what is on offer before signing up. You can find out more about this by visiting wolvesunion.org/giag. Alternatively, you can visit wolvesunion.org/societies to find our more!


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