Ways to have fun at Uni for free

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When you’re at Uni and money is tight, it is key to find ways to “chill on the cheap”. Have a look at some of the ways we’ve come up with that may help you achieve this

1. Join a gym… or two

Some gyms offer free taster sessions, so you can take advantage of all the flashy equipment and try out a couple of classes completely free. Whether it’s Zumba, yoga, martial arts or spinning, you can spend a morning getting fit and healthy.

You can also take a look at Social Sports that happen with the University’s sports – WLV Sport.

2. Throw a Come Dine With Me dinner party

Come Dine With Me is always an afternoon favourite when you’re flicking through the television, maybe nursing a hangover. So, why not team up with your flatmates and turn into the perfect hostess! For an even better challenge, do the entire thing using only the food you already have in the flat or set yourself a small budget.

3. Watch some student theatre

The Performance Hub is awash with talent over at Walsall Campus so why not get yourself down there to find out when rehearsals are happening for the next big performance? Maybe link in with key performing societies such as Glee to see if they would let you tag along to watch some rehearsals!

4. Go see a guest lecturer

Some uni’s can score some seriously famous guest lecturers. Famous alumni often pop back to speak to current students, so keep an eye out for mentions of any big names coming to present on their specialist subjects.

5. Have a clothes swap night

Once that student loan hits it is so easy to blow a massive chunk on it with some online shopping. However, before you hit the checkout button on the almost £300 worth of unwanted (and unneeded) clothes, why not have a clothes swap?

Talk to everyone in your flat and tell them to bring over any unwanted clothes, and let everyone have a bit of a rummage through. Not only does this help to declutter, but you may be able to get your hands on that dress you’ve had your eye on that belongs to one of your flatmates since Freshers!

6. Have a get together at home

If all else fails, you can go wrong with having a night in your flat. When funds are tight, everyone will thank you.. Recycle your most out-there outfit from Freshers Week, whack out your favourite Spotify playlist and maybe get competitive with your favourite board game.

Got an favourite free things to do? Leave them in a comment below!


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