Tips for New Students

Read our “top tips”, on being a new student here at Wolves!

Tips for New Students

If you’re starting at The University of Wolverhampton this year, then let me give you a warm welcome! The Student’s Union has a lot to offer – from societies to other awesome events, we have it all! But, before I go into all of that, let me give you a few “top tips”, on being a new student here at Wolves.

1. Get Stuck In

Sometimes, you can get so bogged down with work in the first few weeks; you end up forgetting about all of the events that are happening on Campus. Make sure you come along to Refreshers events, and take a look at our Societies – there’s something for everyone! Getting the balance right between social and study is essential.

2. Keep Fit and Stay Healthy

The “Freshers 10”, for those who don’t know, is about the weight you can gain when you first go to Uni. A combination of alcohol, takeaway, and sitting in class all day, REALLY takes its toll on the body – so make sure you keep fit! Obviously, splash out during Refreshers and have fun, but make sure to keep up the exercise (the Uni has a gym – so snap up your membership!) and start eating healthier as soon as possible (check out Well@Wolves recipe cards). As someone who turned Freshers 10 into Freshers 50 – I wish I’d have thought about this sooner.

3. Check your Uni Email

When you first start, you’ll be told how to access your Wolverhampton University email address. This isn’t any old email – this is an email where you’ll be informed about class changes, exam information, SU events, and more. It is 100% essential that you check your Uni email regularly, so you don’t miss any vital info.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

My final tip is to ask for help when you need it. A Chinese teacher; Confucius, once said: “The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute; the man who does not ask is a fool for life”. Asking for help is essential in helping you get through Uni – from small questions like asking where the bathroom is, to asking the big questions, like how to submit a piece of coursework. Always ask if you don’t know, as there are many people here that can help you. The Advice and Support Centre in the SU can help you with almost anything: from Uni problems to budgeting issues, take a look here.

After all that advice giving, all I can say is: good luck, and I hope you all have an amazing time here at The University of Wolverhampton!