How to stay Well@Wolves

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Starting University is a very exciting time, but it can mean lots of big changes. Facing challenges as you make this transition is normal. Knowing what to expect and what resources are available to help you navigate University will help you to have a successful time at University. See our tips below to help you look after yourself and navigate situations you may encounter when entering higher education:

  • Time management – While writing lists and planning your days may seem a bit boring, but it’s important that you understand what activities and deadlines are coming up to help avoid unnecessary stress. Keep a daily schedule and make sure you plan in some fun activities too- it’s all about balance! The University Library run lots of study skills workshops and offer one to one support- make the most of this support! Click here for more information
  • Build Relationships – A good support network is key. Here at the SU there are lots of ways you can meet like-minded people, whether it’s through joining a society, coming along to the weekly quiz nights or taking part in our Well@Wolves activities, there is something for everyone. Click here to find out What’s on.
  • Sexual Health- Sexual health is an important part of health. Embrace run a weekly clinic at City Campus. They offer STI screening, HIV testing and free contraception. If you can’t make their clinic, click here to order a home testing kit.
  • Eat Healthy – A balanced diet will give you the fuel that your body needs to stay healthy. We run weekly cooking sessions where you’ll learn basic cooking skills and ways to eat healthy on a student budget. In need of some inspiration? Click here for the Well@Wolves healthy recipe cards.
  • Exercise – Exercise improves not only your physical health, but also your mental health. We have created Mindful walks around campus for you to stretch your legs and clear your mind. You can find these on the Well@Wolves website. If you live in University halls you will receive a free off peak WLV gym membership. If you prefer team sports, check out the University’s sports teams or the social sports programme. Click here for more information
  • Take time to relax – Make sure you put aside time each day to do something that you find relaxing, especially during busy periods. If you find that you become stressed or overwhelmed the NHS Healthy Minds are on campus every month where you can drop in for advice and wellbeing checks. The Samaritans also offer on-campus support. Our Well@Wolves activities run all year round, however we know the exam periods are particularly stressful, so we run a larger programme of activities and events during the exam periods to help you to de-stress. Click here for the Well@Wolves programme
  • Sleep – It is important that you are getting enough sleep. While the length of sleep varies from person to person, you should aim as an adult to get between eight and nine hours of sleep each night. Click here for the information and advice from the NHS on sleeping well

Find out all the support available to you on campus and in the local area, as well as seated massage and doggy de-stress with the Guide Dogs UK at the StartWell fair on Thursday 26th September in the Courtyard, City Campus.

Well@Wolves activities, events and drop in support run throughout the year. To stay update with the programme, and for self-help resources, visit If you would like more information on preparing for University, click here for Student Minds for a brilliant resource about taking care of yourself when you arrive at University.


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