Why should YOU nominate someone for an SU Award?

As you probably already know, the SU Awards are coming up! Nominations for awards such as “Lecturer of the Year” and “Society of the Year” are well under way. You’re probably wondering, “Hmmm, what’s the big deal? Why should I nominate people for these awards?” – Well, here are 4 reasons why you should nominate people in this year’s Students’ Union Awards!


1) To recognise those that go the extra mile

From a, inspiring lecturer, to a SUPER fun society – there’s a lot of hard work happening at the University that goes unnoticed. Whether you think a certain TA has gone above and beyond, or a member of University staff has helped you out a lot, nominating people for an award will help their hard work become recognised by the people who matter the most.


2) To inspire

Receiving an award is a humbling experience – I know that first hand, as in 2017, I received the SU award for Volunteering Projects. It is super inspiring to get an award, and to see others receive them too. By nominating people from your faculty for an award, you’re inspiring a lot of people to work hard, and show their worth as a member of staff, or as a student.


3) To show appreciation

Showing appreciation can be as simple as “thank you”, but if you want to show even more appreciation, nominating that special someone/society for an award can really make them feel appreciated. If you know someone/a society that’s worked very hard this past academic year, make sure you show your appreciation by nominating them for the relevant award.


4) To celebrate

Celebrating people’s achievements is something that should always be done often – it motivates people to work hard, and makes hard working people feel that their work is appreciated. The celebration of University life and learning is such a meaningful event – so nominating people for these awards, and celebrating them, is very important.


There are loads of awards up for grabs – Staff awards like Lecturer of the Year, and The Nicholas Musgrave Award for Academic Support staff; and Student awards, such as Student Staff Member of the year, and Society Member of the Year. So, what are you waiting for? GET NOMINATING!


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