Things to do this Summer

Things to do this Summer

If you’re sticking around this summer, whether you’re on your own or with some mates, make sure you aren’t stuck with serious FOMO, by scrolling down and having a peek at our comprehensive list of things to do in and around Wolves this summertime!

1.Have a picnic in West Park

Make you and your mates a few sarnies, grab a big bag of Doritos, *treat yo’self* to some Jaffa cakes, and take yourself to West Park! If the weather’s right, it’s a fantastic day out – but we all know what the weather is like here, you’re lucky if you don’t get poured down on. So, don’t forget your umbrella, or your sun-cream – we can’t be taking any chances!

2.Go to a Festival

If you have a bit of leftover cash, perhaps you could go to one of the many local festivals! From Slam Dunk, to Concerts in the Park, there is a fair selection of musical events to go to! If music isn’t your… JAM (I’m sorry…), then perhaps the Foodies Festival (in Birmingham on June 23rd) is more your thing – with treats a plenty, you’ll leave full to the brim with both food, and culture. A free festival will be in Wolves on 2nd June, called “Enjoy Wolverhampton Live”.

3.Pop to a museum

There are loads of museums about – from the Art Gallery in Wolves, to the plethora of museums in Birmingham – you’re spoiled for choice! Where some have a small entry fee (which can be made lower with a student discount – so don’t forget your student ID or NUS card!), a majority are free to enter. You’ll be spending time with mates, or getting quality time on your own – all whilst extending your cultural knowledge. Have a look at the local selection of museums here.

Wolverhampton's Faculty of Arts are showcasing their work to local schools, colleges, businesses and the wider public in an annual Degree Show in the Wolverhampton School of Art (MK Building). You can visit from Saturday 9 June - Wednesday 20 June, Monday-Saturday: 10am - 4pm.

4.Get a Summer Placement/Job

Once you graduate, there will be a plethora of student who, just like you, will most likely be looking for a job. The best way to stand out among the masses is to, of course, get some work experience. Whether it be in your field of study, or a part-time position for some extra cash – any work experience is VITAL for putting together that perfect C.V. If I can get a placement over the summer, you guys can!

5.Go Travelling

If you aren’t thinking about sticking around, perhaps you could travel somewhere else? Travelling is an incredible experience, and whilst you’re at Uni, this is the best time to do it. So, grab your passport, and go! Anywhere! It will improve your cultural knowledge, make you a more well-rounded person, and give you a LOAD of stories to tell when you get back home. If you shop around, you can get some pretty good deals on flights – and AirBnB is always an option for somewhere cheap to sleep. Pac your bags, and get going!


If none of this tickles your fancy, or if you want to take a look at what else is happening in the local area this summer, make sure to browse the following websites:

Visit Birmingham

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