New Year’s Resolutions: New Year, New Me!

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New Year, New You! Every year we decide to make changes to ourselves, but they’re always so hard to keep up! Whether it be to lose weight, be more mindful, or to get fit: we want you to be Well@Wolves, so take a look at our wellbeing sessions to help you keep that New Year's resolution...

Mindfulness Sessions

Mindfulness is the practice of paying more attention to the present moment, your thoughts and feeling. Mindfulness helps us to understand ourselves better and to develop more helpful responses to difficult feelings and events. It is easy to get caught up in worrying about the future and regrets over the past. Studies show that practicing mindfulness can help you manage mild depression, anxiety and other common mental health problems. These informal mindfulness sessions explore many different ways to help you be more mindful in your day to day life and improve your wellbeing.

Getting into a new hobby

Perhaps your resolution is to get out there, and try a new hobby? Societies are a great way of exploring different hobbies – from Gaming Society, to the Dance Society, there’s plenty for you to try! Have a look on the SU website for information on how to join:

Wellbeing Hour

Take an hour out of your day to unwind and destress with mindfulness-based activities like puzzles, spirographs, mindfulness colouring, creating your own playdough, making friendship bracelets and knitting & crochet. Feel free to bring your lunch along.

Gym Buddies

Don’t want to go to the gym by yourself, but don’t have a gym buddy? This is the group of you! 

The sessions will launch on the 2nd February and both sessions will be free on this day.
£2.00 per session- no membership needed, just need to pick up your ‘gym buddies’ card from the gym which will give you access to the sessions for £2 per session (10-11am & 2-3pm Fridays at City Campus Gym).

Running Group

Lacking motivation or worried about running along? Come along to this group run. Don’t worry if you’ve never done a run before, we’ll take it steady and go at your speed. Meet in the City SU reception, to meet us for the short run (max 5k) to West Park and back. Make sure you wear your running trainers!


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