Employability Support Fund Successes

The Employability Support Fund is a scheme brought forward by our partnership with Santander Universities. It means that students can claim up to £50, for free, to help with their employment.

Whether it be for a job interview, a sandwich placement, or a part-time job – from a new formal shirt, to travel expenses. If you are struggling to pay, the Employment Support Fund can help!

In the last academic year over £5219.29 was given to 121 students which was double from the previous year. Lucy Marsh, a Psychology student here at Wolverhampton University, went for a job interview as a Court Usher. She requested the Employment Support Fund to help her afford smart clothing. She was granted some of the fund, and she told us,

Thanks so much for the fund payment, it was great to go to the interview feeling smart and prepared!”

Some students who received the Employment Support Fund have updated us on their progress in the world of work. Patricia Benjamin, a Health and Social Care student, went for an interview as a Healthcare Assistant with Allied Healthcare. “I am informing you of how my job with Allied Healthcare is going. I have completed my 3 days training plus e-learning modules. I signed my contract yesterday and start officially working on Friday 28th April. thank you.”

Looking for work can be very expensive. Students who struggle to afford new interview clothing and travel expenses can benefit massively from the fund. A Chemistry student, Chad Astbury, was looking for a Sandwich Placement. So, he applied for the Employment Support Fund to help pay for both smart interview/work clothing, and travel expenses to-and-from interview. He was profoundly grateful for the fund: “Thank you very much. I really appreciate the fund – I truly believe that it opens up opportunities to students, and helps them to further themselves through work placements/experience.” He has since gotten a placement, and is working as a Research Chemist for a year.

Sometimes, people who receive the fund don’t get the position they wanted, but still found that the fund helped them massively, by reducing the stress around expenses. Claire Bills, who is doing a Masters in Public Health, said the fund still helped her: “The fund was used to cover costs for an interview for a PhD studentship. Unfortunately I was unsuccessful but had been shortlisted to two which I was really proud about. It gave me a sense of relief, as money is very tight, so it made things slightly easier for me”  

Any student can apply for the Employability Support Fund, as long as they have receipts/tickets proving what they bought/where they travelled for interview/work. To apply for the Employability Support Fund yourself, please fill in the application form and send that, with scanned images of your evidence, to employabilityfund@wlv.ac.uk.


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