Don't be fooled!

Earning easy cash may be tempting however being asked by a third party to move money from one bank account to another whilst pocketing some of the money yourself is classed as money laundering. 

Money laundering is illegal and the consquences of being caught are:

  • Getting your bank accounts shut making it hard to get student loan
  • Struggling to get a mobile phone contract
  • Problems applying for credit.
  • Going to prison for up to14 years. 

It can be hard to stop once you are a mule. You could be physically threatened with violence if you try to stop. 

Follow this advice:

  • Don't give your bank details out to anyone you don't trust. 
  • Research any company that make you a job offer and make sure their contact details are genuine.
  • Be weary of job ads that are written in poor grammatical English.
  • Be wary of job offers overseas as it is harder to check that they are legitimate. 



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