Aged 20, Full-Time Student and Running a Business!

To run your own business sounds like a daunting, almost impossible feat. Especially for many of us students who just don’t know what we want to do yet. And then there’s the time aspect – surely no one could handle the stresses of running their own business, while still in full-time education? Yet Sabrina, aged 20 and in her second year of university, is doing just that!

Sabrina is studying BA(Hons) Events and Venue Management, and began running her business only September last year, doing something she enjoys and has a talent for – making something out of nothing (no, it’s not magic – though for some us less arty it might seem so – it’s arts and crafts).

Running her own business, ‘Sabrina’s Craft Portal’ (now in its 4th month), is something she even says is “easy” because of her genuine interest, but admits she can sometimes get “carried away”.

See what she told us about her experience - maybe it will even give you some ideas:

  1. Why did you start your business (alongside doing a degree)?

    “I started my business alongside doing a degree as I had insufficient funds; this motivated me and is still motivating me to turn my hobby into a business. With great feedback from friends and family it encouraged me to showcase my arts and crafts to a wider audience, by creating a Facebook page and attending arts and crafts fayres.”
  2. How did you begin your own business?

    “I began my own business by updating family and friends on current arts and crafts I was making and sending photos to them which they were forwarding to their friends who began to take interest. Having more people interested in what I was doing encouraged me to put more work out there for others to see, using materials from around my home.”
  3. How do you balance your business with Uni work and life?

    “Balancing Uni work and life at the moment is easy as it is something that I have a genuine interest in (so would be doing this in my spare time anyway). However, sometimes I can get carried away with one project, so being able to keep track of what I’m doing and having good time management skills is key!”
  4. What is most rewarding thing about running your own business?

    “The most rewarding thing about running my own business is being in charge of everything and being able to know when I need a break and need to focus on other things.”

    “Another rewarding thing is hearing the feedback from people who are supporting and encouraging me, which motivates me to continue doing what I love.”
  5. What are your hopes for your business, and plans after your graduation?

    “Once I graduate, my hope for my business is that it expands and more people recognise ‘Sabrina’s Craft Portal’. Being good at arts and crafts is also something which will be useful when I graduate, as my plan is to become a wedding planner. So ‘Sabrina’s Craft Portal’ will help with the finer details of weddings, such as making table decorations, candles and gifts.”

Although in early days yet, Sabrina is loving making a business out of her hobby. And who knows where it might lead her in the future. AND as well as all this, she works for the SU part time as Activities and Events Student Support Assistant (quite a job title!).

If you are someone that is wondering what path you are going to take after graduation, think about what it is you love doing. Maybe you could even make your own business out of it too! After all, those who can make a living out of what they love are the envy of all others, so why not dare to take the step to shape your future.


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